Dear WordPress world,

I have a humble request.

I am working on a project in Berlin, on the theme of ‘trust’, and it is my task to gather various sentences, or a few words, on people’s individual reactions to ‘trust’.

I would be absolutely grateful if anyone who comes across this little post would take a moment to comment below what the word/notion/philosophy ‘trust’ means to you.

I am especially interested in hearing from people who are from/living in/have once lived in Berlin, in any life. Please also share/pass on to anyone who might have an opinion on ‘trust’. Very happy to hear from the more the merrier.

Thank you very much, peace and kisses

© Gabriella Zoe Harris. All rights reserved.



  1. I don’t trust easily, perhaps being burned, my own cynicism, but when I do “trust” in something or someone I have unwavering faith that it will be or they will do. I don’t live in Berlin, but I wanted to throw my thought in for you. (FYI, I reside just outside of Boulder, CO in the US.

  2. I have never been to Berlin, but to me trust is sine qua non. Without it nothing happens. I crossed borders on a hunch that this might be it almost three years ago and the answer is yes.

  3. Trust is not a decision. Trust is a feeling, of being yourself and speaking your mind without getting judged.

    1. :):):) I very much agree, trust in any form – in yourself, in those around you, in talent – is almost a state of oneness, between you and an ‘other’ of any sort.

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